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Credit Repair Services

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When people go through bankruptcy, whether they use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, one of their top concerns is repairing their credit score afterwards. It is a valid concern, as bankruptcy can negatively impact your credit score, and a poor credit score can make your future finances and purchases harder to manage. In order to help people through bankruptcy from the beginning and even beyond the end, A Fresh Start Law offers comprehensive credit repair services to our bankruptcy clients who have completed their bankruptcy case.

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Making Credit Repair Possible for You

Creditors are not on your side when you need to repair your credit. Industry regulations are also prone to causing complications for the consumer, not for creditors and banking institutions. This places you in a difficult situation after completing your bankruptcy. Allow our credit repair specialist in Las Vegas to guide you through the process, providing unique legal insight whenever necessary.

Parts of a typical credit repair process include:

  • Credit score check: Before we can get to work on the repair of your credit score, we need to have a clear picture of it after your bankruptcy ended. We can help you get an accurate credit score from nationwide credit groups, like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
  • Correspondence: In some cases, credit score repair will be hindered by miscommunications among yourself, your creditors, and your banks. We will make certain to send out proper notifications and correspondences as needed to eliminate any confusion.
  • Legal action: If a credit group oversteps legal boundaries after your bankruptcy concludes, you can depend on us to advise the best course of legal action in response.
  • General counsel: One of the most important parts of credit repair is learning to properly manage income and expenses. Our credit repair system can help you craft financial plans for now and the future that keep you afloat while restoring your credit score. This takes a careful balance of spending and repaying credit balances regularly.

What are the Benefits of a Good Credit Score?

You might ask yourself why it is so important to repair your credit score after bankruptcy. The truth is it can be difficult to see what your credit score controls or influences, if you do not know where to look.

People with good credit scores of 720 or more often enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower interest rates on new credit cards and bank loans
  • Lower car insurance rates
  • Lower chance of paying security deposits on utilities and major purchases
  • Higher chance of initial card and loan approval
  • Higher spend limits on new credit cards
  • Higher chance of approval as a renting tenant

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The right time to begin repairing damaged credit is the same day your bankruptcy case ends. Initiative, focus, and a keen legal understanding of your rights and options are all necessary to succeed. Get all the support and guidance you need by contacting A Fresh Start Law in Las Vegas. We offer free consultations to inquiring clients.

(Important reminder: Our credit repair services are made available only to our bankruptcy clients whose cases have concluded.)

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