You Deserve A Fresh Start

At A Fresh Start Law, we solve your problems with personal debts of all kinds. A Fresh Start represents people in bankruptcy court but also offers options other than bankruptcy to solve your debt problems. Once your problems have been solved, we will show you how to move on by showing you how to repair your credit.

When you meet your attorney, Dorothy Bunce, she will treat you just like she were your Mom, but without the scolding or guilt trip. This firm knows how hard it is to talk about money problems and how hard you have tried to solve these problems on your own. The attorney will offer you choices to solve these problems using the legal system and the attorney will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice you can make, with no BS and no hard pressure sales pitch.

Attorney Dorothy Bunce has been helping hard working Nevada families solve their financial problems since 1979 and would be happy to meet with your to discuss solutions. It is up to you to pick up the phone and call for an appointment.

Debt and mortgage problems can be solved using both new and old legal strategies. The attorneys at A Fresh Start can explain these options to let you chose what is right for you. You are not alone in these stressful times. Circumstances beyond your control can force you into filing Bankruptcy. Every one of the bankruptcy clients at A Fresh Start has a reason why, in spite of trying to do the right thing, they must use the protection provided by the Bankruptcy Court system to get a fresh start.

Your financial problems might have been caused by any of the following reasons

  • Medical Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Foreclosure, either pending or completed
  • Loss of Income

You may be may surprised to learn that the reason you need to consider Bankruptcy is not very important to the Officials in the Bankruptcy Court system. Right now, you may want to find a confidential way to consider what direction to take. This site explains how Bankruptcy can solve many kinds of financial problems. But Bankruptcy cannot solve every financial problem.

A Fresh Start has many years of experience helping people with their financial problems. Can we do the same for you? We am ready to help you in this very difficult time. Do you have urgent circumstances requiring an immediate solution?

Pending Foreclosure / Lawsuit / Wage Garnishment / Creditors calling you day and night ?

For immediate help, call now. We urge you to read our many client reviews posted on the internet.


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